We are very proud to have Gray Caws from Adventures in Movement London presenting the North Wests 1st Oxygen Advantage workshop at Your Parinama’s Studio in Bury on the 21st October 2018

Gray is also Co- hosting Phil’s 1st Chi Running Foundations Workshop again the 1st Chi Running workshop in the Northwest so no pressure!

So a little background on Gray, have a look at his introduction to Get the Oxygen Advantage workshop and book a seat you won’t regret it.

Hope you can join Phil, Gray and Myself for both workshops, I’ve seen these two amazing coachs in action and you will learn new ways to improve not just your running technique, your sports performance but things you can do in your everyday life, now thats a benefit in itself.

See you soon – Julie – Yourparinama

“True health and inner peace occurs when breathing is quiet, effortless, soft, through the nose, abdominal, rhythmical and gently paused on exhale” Patrick McKeown

Gray Caws
Personal Trainer | Director Chi Running UK and Ireland | Chi Running Master Coach | Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Gray trained as an Oxygen Advantage Instructor with Patrick McKeown and became the first UK certified instructor in 2016, teaching a programme of breathing exercises that help to maximise oxygen carrying capacity and delivery for aerobic and anaerobic improvement.


• Level 4 Active IQ Certificate in Specialist Exercise (Management of Lower Back Pain)
• Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training
• Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
• Master Chi Running Instructor
• Master Chi Walking Instructor
• Oxygen Advantage Instructor
• Master Kettlebell Instructor
• Spiral Stabilisation Instructor
• Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction
• Nutritional adviser