running technique is like yoga just different

Running technique is like yoga just different.

Yoga and running have long been two passions for me… Although interlinked, I use my yoga practice to prepare and recover my mind and body I hadn’t really seen the similarities in the two disciplines.  Changing my running technique over the last months has made me consider how running technique is like yoga just different.


Creating good posture is key to good running technique and a comfortable free from injury and discomfort. Alignment just means the bones and connective tissues are in correct relationship, free to work in harmony together.  Imagine riding a bike with crooked wheels, bent spokes, and flat tyres, it would be painful, and hard work but if all the spokes are straight, the wheels are perfectly round, and the tyres have correct pressure then the ride will be smooth, efficient and comfortable. The body is just the same!


The body is working but coupled with relaxation.  There is activity in core, arms, hips, legs but no tension, shoulders, jaw and head shouldn’t be driving the body and can be relaxed.  There is softness without collapse.

Move from centre

Efficient running technique moves the centre of gravity ahead so the body moves forwards, the “core” is our centre of power.

running technique is like yoga just different


For most of the runs the effort should be aerobic in nature, breathing through the nose is soft, relaxed.  Only shorter bursts for faster pace or hills should the breath become heavier, faster.  Stress response should be reduced.

good running technique focuses on breathing

Effortless effort

Overtime the aerobic runs should feel effortless. There is work, but through alignment, efficient bio-mechanics and technique with good breathing there is no strain.


Each run can have a different focus, its not all about getting through the distance as quick as possible.  I may choose to focus on aerobic efficiency, work on pace, practice technique drills or cadence, or just run for fun with no agenda. But there is always intention, awareness and being in the moment.

Can you relate to this?