its never too late to look and feel better

Our approach to exercise is a little different.

We start with the foundations of moving well, resolving your aches and pains, reducing risk of further injury then help you move more.

We make muscles smarter to improve your foundations – just like building a house we start from the ground up.  Most PT programs miss the crucial stage and jump straight into latter stages – like putting a roof on weak walls leaving you at risk of further discomfort, poor posture so poor movement which leads to injury. The no pain no gain philosophy that has become popular might work for training the SAS but leaving you unable to move or walk properly for 3 days isn’t the smartest way of getting fitter!

Movement is not the only factor leading to improved health.  We take a 4 pillar approach, looking at your movement alongside nutrition, rest and happiness.  Making changes to all these areas has been proven to be the most effective way of improving health and reducing risk of lifestyle illness.

Your plan is centred around you – where you are starting from, your lifestyle and commitments, your goals within realistic parameters that you choose.   You bring some commitment and dedication and we will bring the knowledge, experience, support and motivation.

We are not going to sell you a myth that changing will be easy….

The best things in life are the ones we have worked for, and committed to.   Its not all about the end result…. but enjoying the journey.  Sometimes the journey will be filled with joy, other times it will be hard, there will be times when you are just in the trenches doing the work.  But this has tremendous implications for the quality of the results.

We work together to make sure you succeed. 

With our 5 step approach our programs will help you

  • Create energy, fight fatigue.
  • Learn to move well, improve balance, agility.
  • Reduce aches and pains.
  • Get fitter, stronger with improved flexibility and mobility.
  • Manage stress and sleep well.
  • Eat well in line with your lifestyle.
  • Feel happier.
  • Look and feel better.