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Running Resolutions You SHOULD Make for 2019

Here we are again, The Christmas festivities are a distant memory, another New Years Day gone and we are half way through January, resolutions to change habits, set new goals.
Runners are definitely no exception, in fact, we tend to thrive on setting big goals.

Stop comparing your running accomplishments and abilities to others.
Your running journey is yours alone. It is unique, it is amazing, and it shouldn’t be compared to others.
Gradual progress is key, run your run not anybody else’s.

Share your joy of running with someone else. 
Offer to accompany a friend who really wants to start the Couch to 5K program but doesn’t know where to begin.
Get out there into the outdoors, it’s an amazing place, run, walk it doesn’t matter, take it all in and if you can get off the road and hit the trails. It’s a great stress reliever and you’ll feel a whole lot better when you get back trust me.

Thank your body for what it can accomplish, rather than shame it for what it can’t yet do…

It’s not “only” a 5K.  It’s not “just” a twelve minute mile. Running is running, no matter how far or how fast, and running is an awesome accomplishment.
There are millions of people who don’t, or even more unfortunately, can’t run for fun. So thank your body for allowing you to enjoy this sport.

BELIEVE that you are capable of that big, scary goal.
I completely understand this one because I’ve been there myself. It’s hard to look at someone else who seem’s more experienced, better prepared, faster, stronger and believe that you have any business toeing a start line in their company.
If you want something bad enough, if you train properly, rest properly, you are absolutely capable of achieving your goals.
Stop doubting yourself.  Start believing in yourself.  And while you’re at it…

Practice and appreciate rest…

Your body is such an incredible unique individual machine!


Rest days and cutback weeks are such an integral part of a training program, yet they are something that our modern society has been conditioned to despise both in our personal lives and that of our hobbies.

There is such a misconception that doing more is better and downtime makes you weaker.
This couldn’t be further from the truth, millions of runners worldwide push to injury and wear it as a badge of honour and it isn’t.

Listen to and respect your body’s needs…

Feel an ache in your hip that won’t go away?
Twinge in your plantar fascia that brings you to tears? STOP. Listen to your body.

Running is a lifetime sport, wether your a fun runner or a competitive tri athlete but only if you take care of your body.

The world won’t stop spinning if you have to take an unplanned rest day, but do you know what will stop your running? A stress fracture.

If your struggling to find your running mojo or just need a little help with getting closer to your training goals then your in the right place.

We offer Chi Running workshops, Holistic personal training, Yoga and much much more all delivered by CHEK and Chi Running Certified coaches who are ready to take you on your journey to whatever your goals may be for 2019 and beyond.