I teach yoga to try and help other people make changes in body and mind so they are able to do more of the things they love.

So, i love when clients tell me how yoga is changing their life!

Alastair has been a regular attendee of my Monday night yoga class for over a year now and his dedication is really paying off.  In the past, he competed in triathlons and endurance events, but didn’t pay much attention to recovery or stretching.  When he retired from competing, his muscles were tight, joints were complaining and flexibility was limited.  He did not think running or competing would be part of his life again.

Since starting yoga, I have seen his movement improving week by week and could not fail to notice a great deal more comfort in his practice.  Of late he has been enjoying achieving more challenging routines and postures especially tricky balances.

Seeing changes, Alastair began to practice at home and didn’t miss when he was on his recent holiday, even practicing by the pool.   Commitment to maintaining a regular practice is key to achieving results. Sounds obvious, but it can be easy to skip when life gets hectic.  And results are what he has achieved –  so much so he has been able to start running again.

“Following retirement from competitive triathlon through injury I started yoga to improve flexibility and maintain core fitness.  Julie’s knowledge of body mechanics and how to reduce the likelihood of injury shine through in the classes and the result is I’m now significantly more flexible, have improved posture and balance and have improved the levels of comfort in my body.

I have been able to take what I have learnt and confidently practice at home too.  I’ve seen such an improvement that I have been able to start running again and have now signed up for a triathlon for the first time in 6 years.”

Physical improvements aside, Alastair has been surprised at how yoga has led to an improvement in his overall feeling of well-being.  His wife noticed too commenting on his improved mood after work calling yoga his “grumpy man class”.

“With a stressful job role and a busy family life, the weekly class gives me valuable time to re-set. The feeling of deep relaxation and gentle contentedness following the class is superb and overall I have an improved sense of well-being.”

Are there things you have had to stop or give up, things you love?  However big or small, from taking part in a sport you love or just being able to sit on the floor with the kids.

You do not have to accept limitations as you get older.  To find out how you can begin to reclaim what you love, drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you.