Humans evolved over MILLIONS of years…

and 100,000 years ago homo sapiens become the only human species.  For most of that time they lived in hunter gatherer groups.  That is how our bodies and minds evolved. We lived in nature and were dependent on our ability to walk, run and move in a number of ways to survive.

We would not have survived if 4 out of 7 days a week we had a back twinge or runners knee or woke up with frozen shoulder.  Movement was in line with biological norms, e.g. posture and key movement patterns like gait, bending, pulling etc so there was minimal wear and tear on the body.

9000 years ago saw the start of farming and it was only about only 250 years ago that the industrial revolution happened and our lives began to change completely. Fast forward to today.

Modern life is a bit like a zoo of our own making…

we have taken ourselves out of our natural habitat and put ourselves in this fake one.  It’s shortening our lives and making us sick.  We no longer live in rhythm with the sun, we sleep less, sit more, eat processed foods, our movement has become structured around repetitive actions at work or at play in fixed hours, our posture has moved away from the biological norm.

Not that progress is bad-  we have achieved amazing things and lives are better in many ways, but to stay healthy we cannot turn our back on BIOLOGY.  We need to couple the best of progress with the best of living naturally from our history.

Learning to move in with our BIOLOGICAL norms will reduce our pain, injury and ailments so we can feel physically better even as we get older.

It is not necessary to accept limitations as we age!

Living more naturally is not limited to MOVEMENT but can be applied to other areas of our lives – eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, even breathing.

All our services have this philosophy at their heart….if you want to learn more about how MOVING NATURALLY can help you do more of what you LOVE call today for a chat and a brew.  We would love to hear from you.