Our 5 step approach

“If it is important to you, you will find a way,

if not you will find an excuse.” 

Ryan Blair 

5 Step Approach

All our services are based on our values and holistic 5 step approach, so can be mixed and matched into an overall program specific to you.  You can choose one or multiple services depending on your goals.  We offer discounts for multi-service and longer commitments.  Transforming is a gradual process, so the more commitment you can make the more change you will see.  You can see a selection of packages by clicking here,

step 1 of our 5 step approach - consultation

Step 1 – Free consultation

Come and have a brew and a chat with us to see how we can help you realise your health and fitness goals.  There’s no charge and no hard sell!  Just a friendly chat for about half an hour to understand where you are now, your challenges and where you would like to be.  We will explain how we work and what you could expect. If you are happy with this and want to progress we would put together a package that works for your budget and available time.

Step 2 – Assessments

Your first session will be thorough physical assessments (these vary depending on your choice of service – but are nothing to worry about!) to understand how your body is working and  lifestyle assessments to identify areas where we can help you make small, realistic changes that you can sustain to build impact.

step 2 of our 5 step approach - assessment
step 3 of our 5 step approach - 121 sessions

Step 3 – 1-2-1  Coaching

Step 3 are carefully planned weekly sessions with your coach and choice of service.  If you can add an extra session or commit to your own exercise outside of this then results will improve. So we provide program documentation and guidance to help you practice at home without needing to buy expensive equipment. The programs may include additional sessions in the month for coaching on other aspects of lifestyle change. Our services are phased, ensuring we always build solid foundations, focus on techniques before progressing to minimise likelihood of injury and maximise performance.

Step 4 – Motivation and support

We will work with you on your values, visions and goal setting as well as motivational tactics and strategies to help you create and sustain new habits.  Change is possible, but requires work, so if you bring the commitment we will bring all the support and advice to help you succeed.  We even include additional call or skype time to answer questions that arise.

step 5 or our 5 step approach - review

Step 5 – Review and re-assessment

We will regularly review progress with you and carry out re-assessments so we can alter the program as you start to evolve ensuring it always stays relevant and keeps moving towards your goals.

Your Parinama holistic approach - quiet
Your Parinama holistic approach - happiness
Your Parinama holistic approach - diet
Your Parinama holistic approach - movement

Drop us a line for a free consultation to see how our 5 step approach can help you with your personal journey….

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