About Julie

“You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in one drop.”

julie out running

I am Julie, runner, yoga teacher, CHEK Health coach

I help people get fit or improve their sports performance whilst building great health.  Sounds obvious.  But do you know its really common to be fit but actually unhealthy? Read more here…

A little on my journey….

I started with daily lower back pain in my 20’s, the Doctor told me it was wear and tear and to take a pill.  I thought I was fit and healthy so instead off I went to yoga class.  A few months later and the back ache was gone and my limited flexibility started to change. Yoga brought me home to my body, helped me to know and understand it more. It eased aches and pains and released long held tension in muscles.  I became more coordinated, stronger with more ease of movement. There was more to being FIT than just strength!

That wasn’t why I kept going.  It was when I saw how yoga could start to change my life.

Yoga changed my life

I had long suffered from anxiety, low mood and self-esteem, stemming from my fair share of life challenges and trauma.  At yoga I experienced true relaxation – for the first time in many years, and learnt how to better manage stress. I realised I could choose how I reacted to life.  It wasn’t easy – I had to work at it – same an anything. But it has enabled me to breakdown mental limitations and achieve things I never thought I would.  All in all, yoga has moved me along the path towards physical and mental healing.

julie in wheel pose
julie in field of corn during Bath ultra 2019

Fit but unhealthy

Through the later half of my 30’s I trained harder and started running, and did some races. It was a time of being pretty fit but not overly healthy.  A number of lifestyle factors left me with an unhappy digestive system, poor sleep, an aching body and regular fatigue.  After the second activity limiting injury I knew something had to change.   I did my research and started working with a CHEK Health Coach. I have  worked with other PT’s and the workouts have not felt in harmony with the rest of my life.  Often they have left me more tired with no energy to do the things I needed to.

This was different and it was a major light bulb moment. It joined the dots between yoga and gym work to provide a holistic approach to health and fitness.  Overtime this healed my injuries and changed my approach to my fitness. Finding ChiRunning was another piece in the puzzle and now I have a consistent and harmonious approach across the different activities I enjoy.  Seeing how my body changed overtime made me see that I was capable of so much more than I thought possible.

Your transformation…. Your Parinama

I am passionate about helping clients overcome a range of challenges, to transform their health and fitness.  I have been there –  struggling with mental health and physical well-being.  I wasn’t sporty in my youth., am definitely not a natural athlete! But the systems and tools I now use with clients, have helped me heal myself mentally and physically.  Improving my health has transformed my fitness and with it my idea of what is possible.  Without following this system I would never of thought I could run 64 miles!

I want to empower people, to provide the knowledge and skills so they can learn from their own body.  So they can throw out their current goals and DREAM BIG!  Achieve what seems impossible.

Julie –  Qualifications and training

I have invested considerable time and money in undertaking industry leading programs and will continue to do so in order to constantly evolve the service I provide to my clients.

Yoga Qualifications & training

  • BWY Foundation in yoga & Foundation 2
  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher training
  • Yoga for Sport
  • Yoga for Stress and Burnout

 CHEK Health Coach – Qualifications

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
  •  Integrated Movement science Level 1 (Holistic corrective Exercise & Performance coaching)
  • Scientific back and core training
  • Integrated Movement Science Level 2 (Neuro-development Movement Analysis)
  • Equal but not the same – Training females
julie on striding edge in the lake district