About Julie

“You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in one drop.”

A little on my journey….

A daily lower back pain in my 20’s drew me into yoga.  This was quickly resolved, and my limited flexibility soon started to change. Yoga brought me home to my body, to get to know and understand it. This helped ease my aches and pains and release tension held in muscles.  I became more coordinated, strong with more ease of movement.

But, yoga became a permanent fixture when I saw that it could change my life.

Yoga changed my life

I had long suffered from anxiety, low mood and self-esteem, stemming from my fair share of challenges and trauma.  I experienced true relaxation – for the first time in many years and learnt how to manage stress. I realised I had choices in my reactions to what life had in store.  Yogic self-inquiry has enabled me to breakdown mental limitations and achieve things I never thought I would.  All in all, yoga has moved me along the path towards physical and mental healing.

Connecting the dots

I enjoy being active, alongside yoga I do gym workouts, run and walk, taking part in races and challenges.  I have worked with personal trainers but often felt that the workouts were not in line with the rest of my life.  After over training and falling prey to two injuries I knew it was time for a change.  I found the UK CHEK centre and started to train with them.

It was a major light bulb moment as it joined the dots between yoga and gym work to provide an overall holistic approach to health and fitness.  Overtime it healed my injuries and changed my approach to my fitness. Finding chi running was another piece in the puzzle and now I have a consistent and harmonious approach across different activities I enjoy.

Your transformation…. Your Parinama

I am passionate about helping clients overcome a range of challenges, to transform their health and fitness.  By having a holistic approach across all aspects of health I can create a program that is as unique as they are.  I want to empower people, to learn from their own mind and body so they can achieve what they think is impossible.

Qualifications and training

BWY Foundation in yoga, Foundation 2

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher training

Yoga for Sport

Yoga for Stress and Burnout

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

CHEK Exercise Coach

I attend regular weekend training events to continue to grow and develop myself and my offerings.