Are you fit but unhealthy?

 Fitness – the ability to do a particular exercise task.

Health – a person’s state of well-being, where all the bodily systems – like digestive, musculoskeletal, hormonal, immune are working efficiently and in harmony.

Are you FIT but unhealthy?

Problems like injuries, (the kind that seem to come from nowhere), daily muscle soreness, fatigue, regular colds, digestive issues are all signs that your health is suffering from your fitness regime.  You cannot perform optimally if your health is declining.  Is your fastest 5k time your personal best if it results in you not running for weeks due to an injury?  I know as I have been there! Read about my own journey here.

Everything we do is about helping you move towards optimal performance, whilst building great health.  We can only do this by taking a holistic approach.  In simple terms, looking at the body / mind as a whole system rather than isolating parts.  We use 4 key pillars of health to help break it down into small changes: diet including hydration, quiet is your sleep, rest and recovery, movement is not just exercise but how you move everyday and how you breathe, finally happiness is how you think. Why?  When you effectively balance health and fitness, you will exceed your active goals but also feel your best everyday.  You will have great energy – without caffeine, wake feeling refreshed, feel comfortable in your body, move with more ease and rarely get colds or ill.  The changes you feel in your body will start to change your perception of what is possible.  Your goals will start to expand and grow.  We will help you achieve what feels impossible.

Assess –  Resolve – Prevent – Transform

We don’t guess – we ASSESS

If you don’t know why something is hurting how can you take the right action? If you just treat the pain, without getting to the actual cause then the pain will keep coming back and even getting worse.  We use industry leading, innovative assessments to uncover the underlying red flags which are the hidden causes of your pain and the markers of your future problems.  We don’t guess we measure, test and record so our programs are based on real data.

Resolve – Not quick-fix, long term results

Many treatments act on you to help you feel better for a short spell.  We will show you how to resolve your issues and deliver long term results by taking action yourself.  But you have to be willing to do the work.  Taking a full body approach will resolve the pain but also prevent it coming back.  Taking a longer term view, working with small changes you can sustain will help you create BIG impacts.  We will not promise you a miracle but will show you the steps you need to take for real long term change.

Prevent – don’t just cure

How you move, sit, stand everyday will influence your pain and injuries. Dysfunctional movement patterns can stop the body in its tracks.  You will learn full body awareness and intelligent movement skills so you can observe and correct your position to create more balance, comfort and strength.  Once you learn this you can apply it to everything you do – from picking up the shopping to your sport.  So you can do your own preventative maintenance, before you get to pain showing up.

step 3 of our 5 step approach - 121 sessions

Intelligent Movement – No pain brain, no gain

A house built on unstable foundations is weak.  Overtime, cracks appear, it will sag and if left untreated, collapse.  This is what happens when you build your fitness on poor foundations like poor posture, unhelpful movement patterns, incorrect technique.  Most trainers skip this stage but we will take the time to create rock solid foundations.  So you and don’t end up paying for it with pain down the line. Training is not just about how often and how hard you train.  Quality is more important than quantity. Lots of reps of the wrong exercise with poor technique will actually create wear and tear overtime.  We make sure that every session is building you up so you don’t end up on the physio bed every week.

Transform your sports performance

Once we have got this far – the next part, supercharging your sports performance is easy! Through the resolve and prevent phase you will already see gains.  Then we can create an ongoing program for your sport but also your life.  Let me explain, you shouldn’t train a golfer the same as a runner and expect optimal results.  The same way a builder won’t have the same requirements as an office worker.  We build a plan that is tailored to you, based on real data.  We use high performance training techniques so you can smash your goals.  We don’t just replicate your sport in the gym instead we break it down and complement it so you can achieve more with less effort and less recovery time.

Change your thoughts, change your life

The single most important muscle in any training program is your mind.  You can have a great program but if you are not motivated you won’t get results.  Motivation comes from great goal setting and training your brain.  We will provide tools and techniques to help train your brain as well as your body.  As you change,  your idea of what is possible starts to change.  We will help you achieve what feels impossible when you start out.

Review and re-assessment

You will change!  So your program will need to as you progress so your body keeps responding. We regularly review and re-assess to measure change and ensure you program is always challenging you and keeps you interested. We also provide great tools to help you learn and monitor your own progress.

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