About Your Parinama

“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


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Our Mission

Your Parinama is committed to helping people transform in health and fitness.  Through our holistic approach to personal training our mantra is gradual change to achieve what at first seems out of reach. We want to help people reconnect with their body and mind to help them recognise what they are really capable of.

Our Approach

The road to a healthier lifestyle is different for everyone so we create unique programs for each client we work with.  It’s not just about the latest exercise and diet fad; our body and mind are complex and interconnected so we must address all areas of health to get long-term results.  In our all or nothing culture we think change is made all at once, using will power alone, but this often leads to deprivation and is impossible to sustain.

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More than just personal training

Our tailored holistic approach will get to the root cause of your health and fitness challenges, to resolve them, not just apply a sticking plaster to mask the symptoms.  In our 5 step approach,  we work in multiple areas – movement, diet, quiet and happiness helping you make manageable changes to get big results overtime. Movement – corrective exercise, yoga, chi running, strategies to increase movement throughout the day. Diet – quality food and hydration plan, tailored for you and your lifestyle, listening to information your body provides. Quiet – rest, relaxation, recovery, sleep. Happiness – motivation, purpose, connection.

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Whether you are new to exercising, training for your next race or the thought of exercise leaves you cold, we want to be there to help you address your challenges and achieve your goals.

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