Yoga for active people - Mondays 7pm

Yoga for active people – Mondays at 7pm

Reset how you move and think about movement in our yoga and movement classes. Do more of what you love by learning to maintain your own body and prevent injury.  You will re-train your body to restore optimal posture and movement patterns. Practicing these skills, not just in class but everyday, will help you find more balance, comfort and strength in everything you do.

My classes follow a 4 week schedule…

  • Function – Help you understand how to maintain your body and prevent injury, create more comfort.
  • Flow – Be lighter on your feet and improve agility, strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination.
  • Focus – Upgrade your resilience to stress, set your mindset for success, unlock potential.
  • Flexibility – Feel more supple and comfortable, healthy mobility & stability to reduce wear and tear.

These classes are for active people and include moving from floor to standing regularly.  If this is a problem for you or if you are in treatment for an injury a class may not be the best solution for you.  We have 121 services that will be more suitable.  Arrange a consultation to chat about options.

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