Oxygen Advantage Free taster


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1 x 30 minutes personal coaching session

If you have never done any breath work it might seem like a strange idea! So why not have a brief taster to see what its all about.

Start your journey to functional, efficient breath to improve health, boost energy and beat stress with this free taster.  You will complete our questionnaire and test your BOLT score to see how functional your breath is as your starting point Then we will  walk you through 3 simple exercises you can take away and use everyday.

We can run this remotely to save you time, via Zoom

What's included

  •  Pre program consultation and questionnaire
  • BOLT test
  • 1 x 30 minute 121 coaching sessions
  • 3 simple exercises to use at home


Sessions may be taken a  choice of venue…

  • Zoom call
  • Edgworth Home studio
  • Dedicated studio at Vibe PT, Bury