Run injury free with ChiRunning

Being injured is not a natural part of running!  Running a sub 60 minute 10k is no good if it results in plantar fasciitis or worn out knees at 40. Your body is built to last to 100.

Transform your runs

Obsession with speed over form and skill is a key reason 80% of runners are injured every year. ChiRunning will help you feel lighter on your feet, be less breathless more coordinated and confident.  Great form will help you run further with less effort.  Once you have mastered this then adding speed is easy – the technique does the hard work for you.

Running is a sport that any age can enjoy if you know how.

Accelerate your results – 8 week course

Accelerate your results and get your personalised complete injury prevention tool kit.  Combine 121 coaching and group training to maximise results for a great price.  The powerful combination of ChiRunning, Oxygen Advantage and Corrective Exercise will will set you on the right track to enjoy your running now and for years to come.

“My last 0.5km split pace time says it all (8.37). I felt relaxed and comfortable, breathing aerobically (so not busting my guts), I feel I could of easily continued this for longer.  I have very rarely hit that pace.  A totally unexpected result from spending just 8 hours with some incredibly knowledgeable ChiRunning instructors”   

Sharon Hockenhull, Bury workshop 2018

Running is a skill!

Do you know why cadence is important?  And why it is different to pace?  What about relaxing your legs and using your arms to power you forward? Are you aware of optimal arm swing or triple extension? Running is a skill. Ever notice those runners that make it look effortless? That can be you with ChiRunning.

Image of ChiRunning during Liverpool Marathon

Why ChiRun?

  • Reduce your risk of injury with better running form.
  • Run with the most efficient “natural running” technique.
  • Run faster with less effort, take your running next level.
  • Use only a fraction of the effort of most runners.
  • Improve your breathing skills for endurance and speed.
  • Master your next running event.
  • Learn how to create energy to fight fatigue.
  • Have intention, be more in tune with your outcomes.

“Running does not hurt your body. It’s the way you run that does the damage and causes pain.”

Danny Dreyer – Founder  ChiRunning

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We run workshops and courses as well as working with clients one to one.  Let us know what’s holding you back and we can chat about how ChiRunning and our Run Injury Free Approach can help you breakthrough your limitations.

chi running includes focus and quieting the mind
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