“All human beings should be willing and able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” 

Dr Kelly Starrett, Ready to Run 

Don’t just resolve injury – prevent it

  • Struggling with injuries that come from nowhere?
  • Fighting a losing battle with one injury after another?
  • £££ on regular treatments for short term pain relief?
  • Painful joints or muscles?

It’s not your age! Don’t accept pain as a normal part of life!

We want to get you out of pain.  But injury rehab should not end there.  Our breakthrough corrective exercise personal coaching will make sure you are even better than before your injury.  So you can take back control over how you feel everyday.

Movement can be medicine.

By treating the whole body, not just the site of the pain you can resolve injury for good and prevent new ones.  Move more freely, feel more ease.

Why do I keep getting injured?

85% of orthopedic injuries (those relating to bones, muscles and tissues) have no obvious cause.  The pain just starts one day and gets progressively worse.  You think there is no cause.  But there are… the things you do everyday, how you sit, stand and move, using screens and even the shoes you wear are just some.

Most injury rehab focuses on the site of the issue. By applying treatment to the injury it feels better for a day or two. But then the pain comes back or another condition springs up in its place.  Sound familiar?

health coach assisting client with posture correction

We don’t guess, we assess

If you don’t know why something is hurting how can you take the right action? Our industry leading, in-depth assessments will uncover your red flags.  These imbalances are the hidden causes of your pain and the markers of your future problems.  We don’t guess we assess and measure so we can take the correct action, measure progress and fix issues for good.

Say goodbye to injuries

Our injury rehab is a personalised prescription of exercises, thoroughly coached to deliver long term results. You will learn how to be able to observe and correct your body position to create more balance, comfort and strength.  Once you have those skills you can apply them to whatever you do each day so you prevent issues before you get to the point of any pain showing up.

We do not guarantee a quick fix.  But we do promise long term results.  As long as you are willing to do the work.  We put you at the centre of your recovery so you can feel more in control of your own health.

Proven, powerful system

Our approach is based on the proven CHEK system of holistic corrective exercise kinesiology combined with Julie’s knowledge of yoga as therapy gained over 16 years.  The powerful CHEK system has over 5000 trained professionals operating in 27 countries resolving complex injuries for their clients where traditional approaches have failed.

man doing prone cobra exercise to correct posture

Live pain free and unlock your potential

Our approach works best overtime.  Small changes that you can easily sustain that overtime create BIG impacts.  So we put together packages ranging from 3 months to 12 months .  See our pricing here.

Click below to arrange a free 20 minute strategy session so we can show you our approach whatever your goal.

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