Simple, scientifically proven techniques to reduce breathlessness, boost energy and improve health.  Increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness and upgrade your athletic performance. 

Get that  competitive edge

What is Oxygen Advantage?

We can live without food for weeks, water for days but air, just a few minutes.

Did you know that how you breathe will  influence your health at every level? It is estimated that 80% of adults have some form of breathing dysfunction which is often the reason for unexplained day to day symptoms.

Two Powerful Pillars

Simple to incorporate into your current training program and your daily life.  The results are astounding.

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  • Reduce breathlessness
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Calmer mind, improve focus
  • Help clear blocked noses
  • Improve core strength.
  • Sleep better, snore less
    • Prevent exercise induced asthma
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  • Achieve your personal best
  • Delay lactic acid & fatigue
  • Improve repeated sprint ability
  • Prevent gassing out too soon
  • Better recovery post exercise
  • Increase respiratory strength
  • Maintain condition during injury

“If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be”.

The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy | Volume 11, Number 5 | October 2016

Get a competitive edge that is pure gold

Through a series of 11 simple exercises Oxygen Advantage teaches you how to increase exercise intensity while expending less effort and breathing less heavily.  Simulate high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  You’ll feel the benefits of high altitude training (5,000m/17,000ft) with just one week of practice!

trail runner using oxygen advantage breathing techniques

What you’ll learn

  • Advantages of nasal breathing during rest and physical exercise
  • The science of measuring and reducing breathlessness
  • Simple nose clearing exercise
  • Breath to calm the mind and reduce stress
  • How to simulate high intensity and altitude training
  • How to improve VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)
  • How to really improve aerobic capacity and why its important
  • An Oxygen Advantage breathing workout for at home

Efficient breathing is the key to optimising sports performance.

It’s time to get ahead of the competition and transform your game.

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What we offer

Oxygen Advantage is built into all our services but we also offer dedicated 121 programs. master classes and club sessions. Everyone can benefit from Oxygen advantage, whether your a swimmer, runner, cyclist or to improve day to day health.

Get in touch today to find what difference it can make to you.

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