Get more comfort…..Yoga to free your body, ease tight muscles

First, you don’t need to be flexible to do yoga.  In fact, having tight, inflexible muscles is a great reason to start!  Adding yoga to your weekly training schedule is going to help you feel more supple, ease aching muscles and recover quicker from more intense exercise or sport.  Tight muscles are more likely to get injured so being more supple will help you prevent injury.

Restore your body

You will re-train your body to improve your posture, get more agile and have more freedom in movement.  Yoga will show you how to sense what is happening inside your body.  This sense is called interoception.  You will be able to make changes when you notice small issues, at warning light stage rather than waiting for pain.  What you learn in class will help you find more balance, comfort and strength, everyday in everything you do.

woman stretching on floor

Returning to exercise?

The yoga we offer is a low intensity route back into exercise.  You will build up strong foundations to build your fitness on.  Like strength and endurance in postural muscles, understanding functional breath and helpful movement skills and co-ordination.  A lot of fitness programs miss these crucial key skills.  Building on shaky foundations will lead to cracks in your fitness later – like pain and injury.

“Fitness is physical & mental. Mental fitness is presence, awareness. Having clarity about my own thoughts.” LeBron James

Change your thoughts, change your life

Training your brain alongside your body will power you towards your goals faster .  You will learn powerful techniques used by the worlds most successful athletes to achieve their dreams.  Yoga will help you be more self-aware, more present and feel more in control of your life.  Yoga has been proven to improve resilience to stress, so you can deal with life’s challenges with more ease.

What I offer

We have classes in Bury on a Monday night and in Edgerton on Saturday mornings.  Or if you prefer you can book personal sessions to work at your own pace or to a specific agenda.  Look forward to seeing you in class soon.

yoga includes rest and relaxation
yoga is movement with breath focus