Do not accept pain, tight muscles and injuries as normal!

Those aches, pains that seem to come from nowhere?  They do have a cause.

Spending prolonged time in chairs, poor sitting and standing posture, using screens, wearing shoes that lift your heels and restrict your feet.  The way we spend our days is leaving our bodies literally warped by poor posture.  Some muscles over work and get tight, others get lazy or even stop working.  These imbalances actually change the structures of the body, putting pressure on joints.  Your body can no longer handle loads and impacts, or transmit power efficiently. With these dysfunctions it is impossible to have healthy movement patterns and this creates excess wear and tear so discomfort, pain and injury!

Restore your body

There is another way! Reset how you move and think about movement in our yoga and movement classes. Do more of what you love by learning to maintain your own body and prevent injury.  You will re-train your body to restore optimal posture and movement patterns. Practicing these skills, not just in class but everyday, will help you find more balance, comfort and strength in everything you do.

woman stretching on floor

Prevention is better than cure

Your body talks to you!  Do you hear it?  We spend so much time in our heads we have lost the ability to listen to what it says. Interoception is a lesser-known sense that helps you understand and feel what’s going on inside your body.  Yoga and mindful movement improves this skill so you will start to notice slight changes, so you can address issues at the warning light stage. Before pain and injury flare up.

“Fitness is physical & mental. Mental fitness is presence, awareness. Having clarity about my own thoughts.”
LeBron James

Being more self aware, in time, will allow you be more present and feel more in control of your life.  You will  identify your limiting beliefs and see them differently, so you are able to make more positive choices and take positive action.  It has been proven to improve resilience to stress, so you can deal with life’s challenges with more ease.

Change your thoughts – change your life

The single most important muscle in any training program is your mind.   Training your brain alongside your body will power you towards your goals faster .  You will learn powerful techniques used by the worlds most successful athletes to achieve their dreams.  Mindset can help you achieve goals that seemed like a pipe dream.

woman in supported side bend yoga pose

What I offer

My classes follow a 4 week schedule…

  • Function – Help you understand how to maintain your body and prevent injury, create more comfort.
  • Flow – Be lighter on your feet and improve agility, strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination.
  • Focus – Upgrade your resilience to stress, set your mindset for success, unlock potential.
  • Flexibility – Feel more supple and comfortable, healthy mobility & stability to reduce wear and tear.

These classes are for active people and include moving from floor to standing regularly.  If this is a problem for you or if you are in treatment for an injury a class may not be the best solution for you.  We have 121 services that will be more suitable.  Arrange a consultation to chat about options.

Update March 2020 – In line with government guidance all our classes and sessions are now online or outdoor if the weather is good.  Your safety is paramount, we will continue to work within  government guidelines.   Please see our bookings section for full info.

yoga includes rest and relaxation
yoga is movement with breath focus