chi running includes focus and quieting the mind
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“Running does not hurt your body. It’s the way you run that does the damage and causes pain.”

Danny Dreyer – Founder  Chi Running

Are you only focusing on the physical  aspects of your running and fitness?

If so you’re missing out on a whole realm of practice that could have a profound affect on not only your training but also your life. Our unique approach, with attention on the psychological as well as physical, will boost your self confidence, increase focus and help you to stay healthy and active in all areas of your life. Chi running can help you can breathe easier, move better, run further and have more fun along the way!

What is Chi Running?

There’s nothing magical or mysterious about Chi Running, nor is it skipping around the park waving jos sticks! It is a simple common-sense approach to moving forward in an efficient way, without over-stressing the muscles and joints with the intention of improving performance and ultimate enjoyment.

Chi Running takes age-old principles from T’ai Chi to help you move more efficiently and effectively, improve your performance and reduce the risk of getting injured.  It doesn’t matter what age or level of runner you are, Chi Running will help you build the foundations of great running technique. T’ai Chi (pronounced Chee, meaning life force) is a 2000-year-old Chinese form of self-defence often described as meditation in motion.  Chi Running applies the martial arts principles of posture, balance and mindfulness to our most basic form of aerobic exercise – Running.

Run without the fear of injury

There are two main categories of injuries: impact and overuse.

ChiRunning minimizes both. For example, we’ll show you how to perfect a midfoot strike to dramatically reduce your impact. We’ll also show you how to minimize the use of your lower legs by relaxing, and running efficiently, and avoid all the lower-body overuse injuries that plague most other runners.

Why Chi Run?

  • Reduce your risk of injury with better running form.
  • Run with the most efficient “natural running” technique.
  • Run faster with less effort, take your running next level.
  • Run using only a fraction of the effort of most runners.
  • Improve your breathing skills for endurance and speed.
  • Master your next running event.
  • Learn how to create energy to fight fatigue.
  • Be more present during runs to listen to your body.
  • Be more in tune with your intention and outcomes.

What we offer

If you’re looking for individual support to develop your Chi Running technique and meet your training goals, 121 coaching could be for you!  You can choose a Building the Foundations or Advance Your Technique package, to help you learn or develop your Chi Running skills.

You might already be practicing Chi Running into your running practice and might what to book one or more personal training sessions for on-going support or bespoke coaching, for example help with race training or to work in more depth on your movement skills.

Or as an introduction to find out what chi running is all about try one of our regular workshops or Sunday social runs.

Get in touch if you’d like to  start putting the enjoyment back into running…

Client feedback
“After a year of suffering with injuries resulting in major downtime on doing what I love to do (which has really peeved me off) I realised I clearly need to find a new running focus.

Slightly taken aback by this mornings Chi Social Run where I could put things I had learned into practice. My last 0.5km split pace time says it all (8.37) I felt relaxed and comfortable, breathing aerobically (so not busting my guts),I feel I could have easily continued this for longer. I have previously very rarely hit that pace.

A totally unexpected result from spending just eight hours with some incredibly knowledgeable Chi Running Instructors.”
S Hockenhull – Bury Chi Running Workshop 20 October 2018