Running with poor posture is like riding a bike with a broken chain, crooked wheels & flat tyres.

Hard work, uncomfortable and highly likely to cause an injury!

Calling all runners!

Conditioning for runners by Parinama can help you run injury free, unlock your potential.

  • Injury after injury
  • Nagging aches and pains
  • Missing runs, so no consistency
  • Training hard, limited gains
  • Poor strength / condition
  • Cross training not helping 

I am fit why am I injured so often?

Conditioning for runners will help you smash your running goals – without injury.  Runners knee, plantar fasciitis or IT band syndrome among many others are signs that your body is not in a fit condition for the running you are doing.  But why?

What you do in the hours you are not exercising will dictate how fit your body is for running.  Sitting, using screens, wearing shoes that restrict your feet, then the chances are extremely high that your body will have postural dysfunction, muscle imbalance and poor basic movement patterns.

Adding running to that picture is like the example, you are trying to run with crooked wheels and flat tyres! You are adding more wear and tear by not giving the body chance to support you.  Discomfort, pain and injury will follow.

injured runner
injured runner

runners conditioning assessments

Say goodbye to injuries

If you don’t know why something is hurting how can you take the right action? We use industry leading, innovative assessments to uncover the underlying red flags which are the hidden causes of your pain and the markers of your future problems.

We work on resolving these across the whole body – not just treating the symptom or the pain.  Prevention is always better than cure. So we also “prehab” the body, fixing issues before they surface as major problems.  We teach you how to be your own coach, treating niggles before they turn into major problems.  You  can only do this by taking a holistic, whole body, view.  So many runners programs focus on 1 quick fix – glutes, abs or flexibility alone, but this isn’t the full picture, so will fail.

We do not guarantee a quick fix, but we promise long term results.  As long as you are willing to do the work.

Intelligent movement – no pain brain, no gain

A house built on unstable foundations is weak.  Overtime, cracks appear, it will sag and if left untreated, collapse.  This is what happens when you build your fitness on poor foundations like poor posture, inactive muscles, unhelpful movement patterns, and poor technique.  Most trainers skip this stage but we will take the time to create rock solid foundations.  So you can make consistent improvements, without having weeks off for injuries.

chi running is part of conditioning for runners

It’s not running that is hard on the body – it’s how you run

Getting your body into condition is half the picture.  How you run – your running skill is the other side of peak performance.  We combine our innovative conditioning with ChiRunning technique so you can run injury free.  This technique has helped hundreds of thousands of runners run faster and further whilst feeling less exertion.  This unique approach will change your perception of what is possible so you can achieve goals that feel out of reach.

Want to enjoy running for years to come?

Contact us today to find out how to start to run pain and injury free!

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