Running with poor body alignment is like riding a bike with crooked wheels, bent spokes and flat tyres.  Hard work, uncomfortable, inefficient and firmly on the path to injury.

What is flexibility and conditioning for runners?

It is a specifically designed by a runner, for runners as a cross training program,  to keep you running with more comfort, reduce your risk of injury so you can work on achieving your goals.

yoga and conditioning for runners running is your passion

I only want to run better – Why cross train?

Running is your passion.  It represents time for you, your sanity and a sense of achievement and purpose. You have running goals and love working towards meeting and exceeding them.

But it’s not plain sailing…..Injuries stop you training, leaving instabilities in the body that hold you back.  Tight muscles leave you stiff, uncomfortable or even in pain.  That little voice in your head sneaks doubts, insecurities and negative thoughts in that can sabotage a run or even a race.

Flexibility is not just a nice to have.

You need to have it in your muscles, but also in your tendons, ligaments, and joints. Any restrictions here will limit your range of motion.  A flexible body creates more energy efficient movement – more ease and comfort when you move means running can be less exhausting and more enjoyable.

“Use it or lose it.” If you don’t use your muscles and joints they will begin to stiffen and then, if you still don’t do anything, atrophy.  Flexibility doesn’t just happen; you have to work at it. But even 5 minutes a day will make all the difference.

yoga and conditioning for runners includes mindfulness techniques

Why is posture important?

The efficiency of your running technique is directly proportional to the quality of your posture. If your posture is poor, your body’s muscles need to work harder to hold you upright. Poor posture prevents the muscles and bones working in correct relationship with each other and can even inhibit key muscles (eg the core and the glutes).  Over the long term it can lead to changes in the shapes of the body which cause discomfort, pain and injury. Many everyday injuries that seem to come from nowhere are due to the pressure and tension coming from poor posture.

The classes focus on strengthening postural muscles to correct common dysfunctions and then work on strength endurance of key muscles groups to improve running performance. 

We focus on listening to the body so you can learn to make changes as you run.  We include exercises for breathing technique and lung capacity as well as mental focus and mindfulness practices to actively manage stress and enhance performance.

“Working with Julie has been an incredible insight into the importance of flexibility, core strength and mindfulness. Yoga for Runners has had a seriously positive impact on my recovery from injury, where I’m now running again with no pain, and in comfort.  Quite simply – superb”  Yoga and conditioning for runners client 

Why choose flexibility and conditioning for runners?

yoga and conditioning for runners uses swiss balls
  • Improve your posture for efficient movement.
  • Create good function, transmit more power.
  • Reduce risk of injury.
  • Run with more comfort.
  • Improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination.
  • Reduce aches and pains, tight muscles.
  • Learn how to aid recovery.
  • Learn to breathe well to change body and mind.
  • Improve mental performance, focus, manage stress.

What we offer

We run regular courses from our location in Vibe Personal Training Studios in Bury limited to 10 participants to ensure personal attention.  We also deliver specific programs for individuals on a one to one basis or for sports groups or clubs.

Contact us now to discuss how flexibility and conditioning for runners can improve your performance.


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