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If you are not assessing, you’re guessing 

Paul Chek

Our approach to injury rehabilitation is different….

  • Struggling with injuries that come from nowhere?
  • Fighting a losing battle with one injury after another?
  • Spending on regular treatments that help but do not resolve the issue?
  • Painful joints or muscles?

Do not believe that being over 40 or your sport mean this is inevitable!

The CHEK system of corrective exercise kinesiology has successfully helped over 500,000 clients in 27 countries resolve their complex injuries.

We want to get you out of pain.  But it does not end there. Our end goal to get you in better shape than before, reducing your chance of further injury.  Feel healthier, stronger, fitter and more in control of your health.

Stop putting a sticking plaster on your pain, it only masks the symptoms. Get to the root cause, to resolve them and prevent them returning.

85% of orthopaedic injuries (those relating to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments) have no obvious cause.  There has not been any specific trauma or event.  The pain just starts and gets progressively worse.

Most injury rehabilitation focuses on the site of the issue. By applying treatment to the injury it feels better for a day or two. But then the pain comes back or another condition springs up in its place.  Sound familiar?

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Why are we different?

In order to resolve these injuries for good we need to understand what is putting stress on the body. The answer lies in anatomy, posture, biomechanics and how these relate to lifestyle, how you move, sit and stand everyday.  The body cannot be looked at as separate parts – If muscles or joints in one area are not working as they should then this creates change elsewhere. In order to get a long term fix we improve how your body functions as a whole.

Each corrective exercise programme is as unique as the client its designed for.

There is no 1 size fits all

We use detailed assessment techniques to look at posture and kinetic chain, spine and muscle measurements, your biomechanics and movement patterns and more.

We then create a personalised prescription of movement and exercise based on comprehensive analysis of your results.  Our programs address the root causes of your issues. We make sure they are relevant and realistic for your lifestyle and day to day commitments.

We do not make fake promises or guarantee quick fixes.  We deliver real solutions and give you at the centre of your recovery. The more you commit the quicker your results.

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Don’t accept pain and movement limitation.

We can tailor our approach to a range of budgets – see a selection of packages here.  If you don’t see one that fits the bill we can build a bespoke offering just for you.

Click below to arrange a free 20 minute consultation, with no obligation.  Just a chat to see if our approach is a fit for you.

Don’t put up with your pain – contact us today.