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If you are not assessing, you’re guessing 

Paul Chek

Our approach to injury rehabilitation is different….

  • Had an injury that seems to of come from nowhere?
  • Suffering from long term injury with limited success from traditional treatments?
  • Daily back pain or pain in multiple joints and muscles?

Don’t accept pain and limitations as a natural part of aging!

Being in pain and being held back by injury can leave you feeling frustrated, tired and stressed. It can be a downward spiral, leading to junk food, inactivity, late nights and poor sleep, leaving you feeling like everything is a struggle.

Stop putting a sticking plaster on your pain, it only masks the symptoms. Get to the root cause, to resolve them and prevent them returning.

Most injury rehabilitation treatments focus on the site of the injury. Whilst necessary to relieve pain, this can often be short lived, with pain returning, injury re-occurring or injury springing up in a new place.  Sound familiar?

The body is not a sum of its parts but is a connected whole, what happens in one part is influenced and will influence every other.  place.  Our  rehab programs treat you as a whole person, not just your injury. We don’t promise a quick fix but we do offer a REAL fix.  We will work with you so that you are in better shape than before the injury.

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There is no 1 size fits all

Each corrective exercise programme is as unique as the client its designed for.

We start with detailed assessments which include:

  • Posture and kinetic chain assessments
  • Spine and muscle measurements,
  • Movement pattern analysis
  • Pain assessment
  • Lifestyle questionnaires

Comprehensive analysis of your results enables us to build a picture of what is happening in your whole body so we can work out what is causing the issues.  Our programs then focus on addressing the root cause to resolve your challenges and teach you how to prevent them coming back.

Click to read how we helped Olly get over his multiple adductor strains and run his first marathon.

Get you back doing what you love

More than just getting you out of pain we want to understand what your pain or injury is preventing you from doing.  What are the things you love that you have have had to stop – whether that’s playing with the kids, walking the dog, gardening or playing sport.

Our approach to injury rehabilitation is phased:

  • Relieve the pain.
  • Build your foundations – help prevent injury returning.
  • Improve your overall health and fitness so you can do more of the things you love.
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Contact us today to see how our injury rehabilitation program can help you. We are happy to have a chat.