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“There’s no such thing as a bad exercise, only a poorly prescribed one”

Paul Chek

Our approach to Personal Training is different.

Stop putting a sticking plaster over your health and fitness issues, masking the symptoms.  Instead, get to their root cause, resolve them and prevent them returning.  Become fitter and stronger than before with improved performance at your chosen sports.

1 size does not fit all.  We provide truly individual programs, we will not “beast your body” but rather work in harmony with your body and mind to deliver bespoke results.

We help our clients overcome challenges and achieve the goals that feel impossible.

Image of a mountain biker

You love being active.

Whether it’s a love of the outdoors, running, hiking, biking or regular bootcamps and gym workouts, climbing to golf and anything in between. It’s your sanity, your purpose and sense of achievement, time for yourself, relief from stress and a way to keep your head above water.

But something is holding you back…

  • Struggling with aches, pains
  • Reducing flexibility limiting your movement
  • Injuries – re-occurring or a pattern of injury, rest then another injury
  • Performance plateaued, lost your mojo
  • Group cross training leaving you aching and tired


More than that, it can send you into a downward spiral.  Not being in a great frame of mind leads to making poor lifestyle choices, junk food, alcohol or late nights and poor sleep.  All of which negatively impact your health making you feel worse.

We understand!

Personal Training from Your Parinama will get to the root cause of any issues.

Not just to resolve them, but teach you how to avoid them returning.  We want to get you fitter, stronger, healthier than you were before.

Our Personal Training programs are influenced by the CHEK Holistic Corective Exercise & performance coaching methods coupled with our Yoga knowledge and are are based on thorough initial assessments. These include posture, kinetic chain, core tests, muscle function, current pain and injuries, movement patterns analysis as well as your overall lifestyle.

The first goal is to get you out of pain, then create rock solid foundations then increase strength, endurance, agility, mobility and co-ordination.  A lot of programs skip the foundations, leaving you to build your fitness on a shaky base of postural dysfunction and muscle imbalance, leading to more issues down the line.

Your health is influenced by more than movement, so we include lifestyle and mind-set coaching to help you make small changes to create BIG impact.

Personal Training starts with thorough assessments
image of personal training client doing flexibility exercises

Get out of pain, stay out of pain.

Be fitter, stronger and improve performance.