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“Our perceptions of what constitutes healthy behaviour are often inaccurate. …. If the life you live is leaving you exhausted there’s simply no justification for putting yourself through the wringer in the gym.  It’s counterproductive.  Your’re succeeding only in putting more stress on an already spent body. You may get a temporary boost of endorphins but at what cost?”

Dr Rangan Chatterjee – The 4 Pillar Plan 

Our approach to personal training is different.

personal training assessments

Modern living is playing havoc with our health, happiness and quality of life.  Maybe you are not happy with how you look and feel, struggling to manage your weight or feeling general fatigue.  Are you dealing with daily aches and pains, tight muscles, back pain or injuries that seem to of come from nowhere? Or feeling concerned that health concerns could impact your life as you get older?

Is your health or fitness holding you back?

Holistic personal training uses tailor made programs which include every aspect of health and well-being to help you transform body, mind and life. We seek to discover the causes of your health concerns, from physical pains and injuries to weight gain and anything in between, so we can deliver solutions to help resolve them.

Exercise in isolation may deliver short term results but we want to create long term solutions to help you live the life you want. Without transforming the inside – creating new thoughts, food choices and stress management habits any external change will be short lived.

personal training with corrective exercises

Everyone has a unique starting point, your program should positively enhance your life.

We use a 5 step process  to get the results you want.  Starting with  a free consultation to discuss where you are now, your challenges, what makes you tick and where you want to be.  We will explain how we work and what you can expect.

If that sounds good then we put together a personal training package that works for your budget and available time.  Prices start from £35 a week and packages from just 3 months commitment, training once a week.  You should see some changes after 8 weeks so this gives us time to deliver initial results.  But this is just the start of your transformation – making changes is a gradual process.

personal training with a holistic approach

Focus on the journey – not just the destination.

personal training is more than just exercise

Why holistic personal training

  • Transform your health and fitness.
  • Help you feel and look better.
  • Ease day to day aches and pains.
  • Resolve a niggling injury.
  • Improve limitations in movement or flexibility.
  • For help starting and maintaining exercise..
  • Remain active and happy as you get older.
  • To make life count.
  • To lose weight in line with a healthier lifestyle.
  • You have plateaued against your health goals.
  • To achieve sports or fitness goals.

Contact us today to see what a holistic approach to personal training could do for you.