relaxation and meditation

“The antidote to stress is relaxation…”

Judith Lasater

Stress can make you sick!

We think there is no alternative to feeling stressed.  Often we cannot change whats happening around us but we can learn to change the impact these external factors have on our mind, body and life.  Relaxation and  meditation change the brain and our responses to stress.

When was the last time you really relaxed? Most of us live at fast forward speed until we collapse with exhaustion.  This leads to chronic stress response in the body, chemical and hormonal changes that prevent recovery from existing conditions or create new ones. Stress can make you sick!  It can even prevent you losing weight, no matter what your diet or exercise!

relaxation is part of yoga

Relaxation is a skill.

Relaxation is not sleep and its not watching TV, contrary to popular thought! Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort and the brain is quiet.

The common response to asking people to relax is “I can’t!”. Everyone can learn how – but it takes practice. You wouldn’t expect to bench press half your body weight on day one in the gym, your mind is just the same – relaxation meditation and breathwork practices are like the gym for your mind.  Even starting with 5 minutes a day would make a difference!

relaxation is part of yoga

Why practice relaxation, meditation and breathwork?

meditation is one of the branches of yoga
  • Help manage everyday stress.
  • Learn techniques and tools you can use in daily life.
  • Understand how breathing can change your mood.
  • Improve energy levels and fight fatigue.
  • Be able to choose your reactions to events.
  • Get off to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.
  • Learn how to build your own home practice.
  • Clarify questions that come up as your practice deepens.
  • Find some quiet or space in your busy mind.
  • Improve concentration.

What we offer

Relaxation, meditation and breathwork or focus practices are an integral part of our yoga classes and our work with one to one clients.  However we have a specific weekly class, after Monday Night Yoga for half an hour or you can choose one to one personal sessions or share with a friend.

meditation and breathwork in yoga class

Contact us today to discuss how you could benefit from learning to relax more…