Running with poor posture is like riding a bike with a broken chain, crooked wheels & flat tyres.

Hard work, uncomfortable and highly likely to cause an injury!

Think injuries are a normal part of running?  Think again!

It’s a common story….. running through pain, trying to ignore new twinges.  Dealing with day to day discomfort, attempting to manage symptoms.  But then an injury flares up and it’s weeks off to recover.  Seems like whatever you do its a losing battle. Losing gains, going backwards, feeling negative.

What if you could take back control of how your body feels everyday?

Feel empowered to resolve existing issues, have the confidence to effectively prevent injuries? Run with the skills and knowledge to reduce impact, increase comfort and upgrade performance?

Love running now and for years to come with specialist run coaching from Parinama.

I am fit why am I injured so often?

Runners knee, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, tight muscles – there are many signs that your body is not in a fit condition for the running you are doing.  But why?

Spending prolonged time in chairs, using screens, wearing shoes that lift your heels and restrict your feet.  The way we spend our days is leaving our bodies literally warped by poor posture.  Some muscles over work and get tight, others get lazy or even stop working. These imbalances create physical changes, pain and injury  With these dysfunctions it is impossible to have healthy movement patterns.

When you run – you take all that with you.  Like trying to run with crooked wheels and flat tyres! You are adding more wear and tear by not giving the body chance to support you.

Run coaching from Parinama will restore good posture

run coaching is based on detailed assessments
run ooaching from parinama includes flexibility work
Run coaching from Parinama includes ChiRunning

Say goodbye to injuries

Reset how you move and think about movement with run coaching from Parinama.  You will learn to fix your problems by uncovering the hidden causes of pain – your red flags – across the whole body and resolving them.  You will re-train your body to restore optimal posture and movement patterns, mastering these skills to create more balance, comfort and strength in everything you do.

Running is a skill!

It’s not running that is hard on the body – its how you run.   ChiRunners make running look effortless. They are the ones that pass you with quiet, fast feet and soft breath.   When you have ChiRunning skills every run will feel more comfortable as you reduce the impact on muscles and joints.  Find hidden energy by unlocking the power of your centre , taking unnecessary effort out of your legs.  Your confidence will soar when you know you you have great form and the skills to achieve goals that previously felt impossible.

Prevention is always better than cure

The body changes – nothing stays static.  So from time to time, issues will crop up, but you will be ready.  You will be able to carry out your own preventative maintenance day by day.  By observing slight changes you will take action at warning light stage. Stopping issues in their tracks before pain and injury.

There is no magic bullet.  This process takes time, you need to be willing to do the work. But there is fun along the way and you will make long lasting change. You will see the potential of being able to run for years to come.

Want to enjoy running now and for years to come?

We are the only coaches able to combine the benefits of ChiRunning and Oxygen Advantage with the powerful CHEK system of corrective exercise.  You can choose small group or one to one coaching.

Assess – Restore – Prevent – Perform 

When you see how your body changes your mindset will alter, you will achieve goals that previously felt impossible.

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cartoon leaf representing diet
lotus leaf cartoon representing quiet
cartoon yin yang representing happiness