What’s it like riding a bike with a broken chain, crooked wheels & flat tyres?

Exactly the same as running with bad posture, poor condition and muscle imbalances.

Hard work, uncomfortable and highly likely to cause an injury!

Think injuries are a normal part of running?  Think again!

Have you started running, perhaps on a  C25K but then struggled with issues? Sore, tight muscles or injury?

Or perhaps you are a running veteran but ready to give up, sick of various ongoing niggles, issues and pain?

Run Injury Free – 8 week course

Contrary to popular thought there is more to successful running than trainers, distance and time!

Learn the missing ingredients to your running strategy!  We will show you how you can enjoy running, pain and injury free not just now but for years to come.   Using proven, high performance systems used by used by professional and amateur athletes around the world.  We have created this 8 week course to introduce you to the kinds of benefits before now only offered to 121 clients.

Why does running seem to result in injury?

Runners knee, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, just plain old tight muscles – these are common issues but they are not normal.  They are signs of imbalance in our bodies.  Pain, rather than something to ignore is a signal something needs to change.

The way we spend our days is leaving our bodies literally warped by  poor posture, like a record left in the sun. Some muscles overwork and get tight, others get lazy or loose, creating physical changes to bones and joints as well as how you move.  This is one of the leading causes of those chronic conditions.

When you run – you take all that out with you, increasing impact and pressure in the body.  Just like trying to run with crooked wheels and flat tyres! So is it any wonder you run into challenges?

Run coaching from Parinama will restore good posture

run coaching is based on detailed assessments

4 steps to Run Injury Free

1Uncover the hidden causes of your challenges – your red flags. We will walk you through a number of tests and screens to highlight where you need to  focus. You might be surprised at the results.

2Resolve them! Easy eh.  Well maybe not but it is straight forward. Most trainers jump straight to complex strength and conditioning work.  But without having first built strong foundations you will add more impact, friction, wear and tear!  Instead we will start to re-build you, ground up, so your body can support your running instead of pushing against it.

Running is a skill

3Learn run techniques and skills to reduce impact and make you more efficient, so your running just feels easier.   From relaxing your legs and creating wheels to understanding cadence, rhythmic breathing and the importance of balance.   Technique is critical. But without fixing imbalances your body will not be able to support these new skills and you will succumb to injury down the line.

Success is taking action – with consistency

4We won’t make false promises to fix all your woes in a short 8 weeks.  Moving back to a more optimal blueprint takes time.  For most people, about 12 months.  But the benefits are massive and you will see many small wins as you progress.   Not only will you enjoy your running, you will gain consistency and boost your performance.

So this is just your first steps on your journey.  Stop focusing on a  destination, instead enjoy the process.  True injury prevention comes from maintaining your body as an ongoing practice.  Running alone is not the answer.

Run injury free – now and for years to come

We are the only coaches able to combine the benefits of ChiRunning and Oxygen Advantage with the powerful CHEK system of corrective exercise.

The course runs over 8 weeks in Edgworth and includes a corrective exercise session and a running session. There are beginner and intermediate groups.  Uncover more of your personal red flags – add an optional kinetic chain assessment and video running analysis and get specific practices tailored for you.

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