“There’s no such thing as a bad exercise, only a poorly prescribed one”

Paul Chek

Sports specific training. Say goodbye to injuries, unlock athletic potential.

You love your sport… but alarm bells are ringing:

  • Struggling with aches, pains, tight muscles
  • Reducing flexibility limiting your movement
  • Injury after injury
  • Working hard but limited gains
  • Constantly feeling tired and sore
  • Regular colds, coughs

These are some of the signs that you are FIT but at some level unhealthy.  Optimal performance needs both – health & fitness.

sports specific approach for cyclists
sports specific approach for cyclists

Achieve what feels impossible

Everything about our sports specific training will move you towards your best ever performance. But we can only do this by taking a holistic approach, balancing health and fitness. So you can excel at your sport but you have great energy everyday without caffeine, you feel and look your absolute best. Your bodily systems – things like muscles and bones, and digestion are working in harmony and your immunity is high so you rarely get ill. When you effectively balance health and fitness the changes you feel in your body will start to transform your perception of what is possible.

We will help you achieve what right now feels out of reach.

Transform your sports performance

Your training program needs to be sports specific but you are more than your sport, so it should relate to your life.  You can’t train a golfer the same as a runner and expect optimal results.  The same way a builder won’t have the same requirements as an office worker.  We build a plan that is tailored to you, based on real data.  We use high performance training techniques so you can smash your goals.  We don’t just replicate your sport in the gym we break it down and complement it so you can achieve more with less effort and less recovery time.

Intelligent movement – no pain brain, no gain

A house built on unstable foundations is weak.  Overtime, cracks appear, it will sag and if left untreated, collapse.  This is what happens when you build your fitness on poor foundations like poor posture, inactive muscles, unhelpful movement patterns, and poor technique.  Most trainers skip this stage but we will take the time to create rock solid foundations.  So you can make consistent improvements, without having weeks off for injuries.

Personal Training starts with thorough assessments

Change your thoughts, change your life

Training without a plan is just exercise.  But you can have the best plan ever without motivation you won’t get the results you want.  Your brain is a muscle! Skilled goal setting and effective brain training are just as important as physical training. Limiting thoughts can absolutely block  progress.  We will provide proven tools and techniques to change your mindset to move you towards success.

image of personal training client doing flexibility exercises

The next step is simple….

Call now to see how sports specific training can unlock potential you didn’t know you had.

personal training - happiness is key to health
Personal training - diet and hydration
personal training - movement