yoga includes rest and relaxation
yoga is movement with breath focus

“If practised intelligently, yoga can address a host of human afflictions”

Peter Blackaby

Group yoga class

Yoga is more than exercise.

I started yoga initially to resolve daily back pain, but over the last 15 years it has done so much more.  Yoga has helped me stay fit, strong and flexible, free from general aches and pains.  More importantly, it has helped manage my stress and mood, change my mindset and achieve things I never thought possible.

Yoga is more than just the physical postures, there are 8 related practices and the aim of combining these is to find true ‘happiness’.  The kind that is within ourselves rather than to do with getting external things. Getting into the philosophy is optional, but everyone can benefit from creating more freedom in the body and more calm in the mind.

Our Approach

I specialise in working with men and women who are over 30 and want to be more active, have tight muscles leaving them feeling a bit stiff or have pain in the back or other joints.   Maybe they are already active but their lack of flexibility is beginning to limit their movement.  With busy lives they want to de-stress and feel calmer as well as generally being healthier.

I favour slow yoga, where the pause is as important as the pose! Slow, mindful movement helps to create a higher level of self awareness, teaches you how to listen to the inner signals of the body.  There are an array of benefits, but in particular, moving slow rather than fast creates resilience in the nervous system, helping you deal with the the ups and down of life with more ease.

Just because it’s slow doesn’t mean its always easy! Moving slowly in more tricky postures intensifies any strengthening and allows you more time to ensure your technique and alignment are better.   This means you are creating helpful healthy patterns in the body rather than reinforcing unhelpful ones that lead to pain and discomfort.

personal yoga lesson

One to One Holistic Personal Training

Yoga can address a range of physical and emotional conditions when carefully designed as a 1-2-1 program. Whether you want to  ease fatigue, reduce daily aches and pains, help resolve an injury or feel less stressed, we build our tailor made programs based on our 5 step approach. The start point is always a friendly chat (over a brew if you like)  to understand where you are today and what you want to achieve,  there is no charge and no hard sell.

yoga students on the mat

Yoga can help you…

  • Have more energy, be more active.
  • Get stronger and look and feel better.
  • Improve flexibility to ease the daily creaks and aches.
  • Feel more comfortable in your body everyday.
  • Manage stress more effectively.
  • Feel calmer and more positive.
  • Be aware of your body and how it works.
  • Improve the function of the immune system
  • Recover from other sports more effectively.
  • Sleep better

Contact us now to discuss how Yoga can enhance your training, fitness program, or life.